As part of MOWI, The Irish Organic Salmon Company is part of a world leading organisation that’s fully committed to the sustainable production of organic salmon.

Sustaining our ocean environment

The ocean is our most precious resource. As custodians of this natural environment, we make the most of the resources we are given while working to minimise our impact in everything we do.

We believe that absolute transparency is the only way to ensure that these precious waters are preserved for generations to come. That’s why our seabeds are inspected by independent divers and we produce annual environmental impact statements that are available to the public.

Sustaining our coastal communities

Aquaculture has been part of the fabric of coastal communities for decades and it’s our proud mission to sustain this traditional way of life. We harness the expertise of our long-serving team members to nurture young talent and preserve this craft for generations to come. Here's some of the ways we contribute:

  • Creating over 250 jobs in remote coastal villages
  • Fostering a sense of connection and community spirit
  • Supporting local businesses through indirect employment
  • Supporting local schools, sports teams and social initiatives
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In harmony with nature

Years of experience have taught us to work in harmony with nature. Our remote coastal sites are exposed to the elements. Working in these conditions requires a careful balance of skill and intuition.

We will always follow nature’s lead because following nature’s lead is the only way to succeed.

Following nature’s lead is the only way to achieve success – nutritionally perfect, delicious, organic salmon. It’s a great privilege to work alongside our natural environment day in and day out to share our delicious salmon with families around the world.