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“As a German organic wholesaler, our main focus is sustainable, premium quality food. We consider The Irish Organic Salmon Company's organic salmon to be the best in the world. The rough Atlantic waters make its meat firm yet tender, with plenty of omega-3 fatty acids. We are also fully aligned with one another from both an ecological and social point of view.”

Anke Frenzel, Brand Management Ökofrost GmbH / Brand Biopolar

“We simply wouldn’t source our fish anywhere else. Our smoking method – which involves hanging the sides - is a litmus test for the muscular quality of the fish, and our end product – both flavoursome and lean is testament to Mowi’s expert organic husbandry. Our loyalty is rewarded with theirs, and we really enjoy working with every member of the Mowi team.”

Caroline & Frank Hederman. Hederman

Our Team:

“In the two years I have worked with The Irish Organic Salmon Company, I have gained so much experience and knowledge in the Aquaculture Industry. A top priority of the company and my main task is keeping the salmon in good health and providing the highest standard of welfare throughout their life at sea. Seeing the development and performance of the salmon is very rewarding. It’s great to work with a dedicated team in such a beautiful part of Ireland.”

Stephanie Linehan, Fish Health Biologist

“For more than half my life, I've worked with The Irish Organic Salmon Company on the west coast of Ireland. I've been part of its development over the years - from humble beginnings to world leader and envy of our peers, overcoming setbacks and obstacles along the way. The dedication and effort of the staff has driven the business from strength to strength. We are fully committed to producing a highly sought after, healthy product and sustaining this pristine environment. I can't think of a better place to work.”

David McGloin, Harvest Boat Captain

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with The Irish Organic Salmon Company for over 20 years. I’ve had the opportunity to progress in the company as the company has grown. I’m extremely proud to be part of this incredible journey.”

Catriona O’Brien, Team Leader, Primary Processing

“My time with The Irish Organic Salmon Company has been so rewarding to date.  Although I have only been working here for just over a year, the skills I have learned will stick with me throughout my entire life.  It’s a great feeling to be part of a family where all of us share a passion for organic salmon.”

Kacper Klos, Trimmer,  Secondary Processing

“I began working with Mowi at the age of 16, as a summertime worker during my summer holidays from school. It was my first “real” job. I was working on the factory floor and helped with various tasks on both the primary and secondary line.

During the months and years ahead, whilst working with Mowi, I learned many valuable lessons about the aquaculture industry, working with other people and the also about the positive contribution Mowi has within our communities.

Nowadays – almost 16 years later, I am based in the sales office in Rinmore as sales co-ordinator for the company. Working for Mowi has provided me with opportunities to progress my career, learn new skills and develop professionally in an environment which has both a national and international customer base. I look forward to many more positive years with Mowi!”

Darren Carr, Sales Co-ordinator


“Mowi Ireland have been and continue to be a fantastic business partner. Having supplied Mowi Ireland for many years we have developed an open and honest relationship that has flourished through collaboration and understanding of both business’s needs, resulting in significant business growth for our company, this has helped us secure a great source of employment for people in our local area.”

Gary Jordan – Jordan International

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