Protecting the health and welfare of our salmon...

We’re lucky to have a team of highly skilled and qualified people looking after our salmon day in and day out. From routine health checks to liaising with industry experts and government bodies, our people are always working to protect the health and welfare of our salmon.

No day is ever the same! And that’s exactly why we love it. Keep reading below to learn more about a day in the life of our Fish Health team.

Will Hurley, Fish Health Biologist

Will is involved in maintaining the health of our fish in the marine and freshwater sites in the Northwest. His typical day usually starts with a routine health check on our salmon on one of the sites. Will is also involved in a number of projects, including one focused on flow rates in our freshwater sites that helps us keep our fish swimming at optimum speeds. Much like humans exercising, fish swimming at the correct speeds improves the overall health of our fish. He's also passionate about working with our broodstock and learning about opportunities to improve the welfare and quality of our fish for the future.

Abdon Ryan, Husbandry Manager

Abdon is responsible for the health and welfare of our fish on our four sites in Cork and Kerry. Abdon has worked with salmon for over 30 years and he’s seen how far the industry has come since then. The most effective development he’s seen is the use of cleaner fish. Abdon notes the use of cleaner fish as having a greatly positive impact on the welfare of salmon, reinforcing the organic nature of our fish and giving our customers the very best product.

Sandra Vesanto, Fish Health Manager & Veterinarian

Sandra brings a wealth of knowledge in experience in Aquatic Veterinary Studies to the table. She has worked on a number of research projects focused on studying and improving the health of Atlantic salmon in the wild. Her day to day duties include veterinary health checks on our salmon, cleaner fish and hatcheries. She also acts as a liaison with the Marine Institute and Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine to discuss fish health matters and new opportunities and systems coming down the track.