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Marine Harvest Ireland is awarded GLOBALG.A.P

Marine Harvest Ireland is awarded GLOBALG.A.P


The certificates were issued this week by a GLOPALGAP approved Certification Body, Global Trust Certification Ltd, accredited to the GLOBALG.A.P scope according to ISO 65/EN45011 rules.


The GLOBALG.A.P standard is primarily designed to reassure consumers about how food is produced on the farm by minimising detrimental environmental impacts of farming operations, reducing the use of chemical inputs and ensuring a responsible approach to worker health and safety as well as animal welfare.  Food safety, is a main priority, with key criteria also identified for environmental (biodiversity inclusive) measures with animal welfare and workers welfare also given important consideration. Traceability is another important component covering all stages from broodstock, seedlings, on-grown farm and post-harvest handling operations

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