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Marine Harvest Ireland is obliged to produce fish sustainably. We believe that since 1979 we have honoured that obligation and continue to work in harmony with our local environment and in the communities in which we operate.
To ensure sustainable development of Marine Harvest Ireland (MHI) we have developed four guiding principles (our 4-Ps).

Profit – Attractive Financial Results
Our profits depend on our ability to provide customer value from health, tasty and nutritious salmon which is farmed cost effectively and in an environmentally sustainable way whilst respecting the needs of wider society. Attractive financial results are necessary to provide the financial resources that facilitate our investment in sustainability. These investments include;
·         Staff development and training
·         Research and development efforts to improve environmental performance
·         A safe working environment
·         Fish health and welfare optimisation
People – Safe and meaningful jobs
We are dependent on vigorous local communities and safe and meaningful workplaces to operate our business sustainably whilst producing healthy and nutritious salmon.   Neither employee safety nor self-respect and pride in their work can be compromised if we are to succeed as a company. Marine Harvest has implemented a Code of Conduct for daily interactions within our work and the wider community.
Our employees are expected to feel safe and secure at work. In 2012, Marine Harvest Ireland started implementation of a global safety programme called BrainSafe Training programme for all employees and key sub-contractors to assist staff to understand how the brain works and its link to safe results and management of the hazards in our work and home environment.
Communication with our stakeholders is a priority of Marine Harvest Ireland.   The company has developed a community based Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy and plan which complements our engagement with staff, suppliers and our customers. 
Product – Tasty and healthy seafood providing customer value
We will not compromise on our ability to deliver assured healthy, tasty and responsibly produced salmon to our customers. At the core of our quality process is our Qmarine quality system. Qmarine standards within Food Safety cover three overlapping product assurance approaches;
·         Control of undesirable substances
·         Control of food borne pathogens
·         Tracking and tracing
MHI has a long track record of controlling contaminants through our Qmarine quality system. Feed quality and safety if monitored and managed in conjunction with our suppliers. During production stages, the quality of production and process water is carefully and regularly monitored. We have detailed systems for the monitoring and control of pathogens in addition to the monitoring and reporting of adventitious contaminants in fish.
Our tracking and tracing systems enable us to tack our products from egg to fork.
Marine Harvest Ireland has a significant portfolio of third party verified quality standards to include ISO9001 BRC, EU Organic Aquaculture (Irish Certified Quality Salmon – Organic), Naturland Organic, BioSuisse Organic, Freedom Foods, and GlobalGAP Aquaculture.
Planet – Sustainable and environmentally responsible development
Our long term profitability ultimately depends on sustainable and environmentally responsible interactions with the natural environment. To maintain fish health and welfare it is crucial that we minimise and manage our environmental impacts.
Marine Harvest Ireland operates a comprehensive Environmental management system (EMS) which is certified to ISO 14001 and GlobalGAP standards for aquaculture. The scope of our EMS covers our entire value chain for eggs to processing, sale and distribution of our products.
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