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    For Marine Harvest Ireland, Quality is a core and strategic value. This is valid for the quality of products, the health and safety of our stake-holders and the quality of our environmental performance. We believe this to be an integral part of responsible, efficient and profitable business management and sustainable aquaculture.
    Marine Harvest Ireland’s objective is always to deliver salmon products with high technical and nutritional quality to meet customer requirements and consumer expectations, based on sustainability.
    It is our ambition to be industry leaders in Quality management throughout our farming, processing and sales operations. Our quality management system shall conform to the requirements listed in the following standards:
    ·         ISO 9001:2008,
    ·         The Irish Certified Quality Organic Salmon Standard with reference to EC Regulation no. 710/2009 for organic aquaculture production,
    ·         Naturland Standard for Organic Processing,
    ·         Bio-Suisse standard for Organic aquaculture & processing,
    ·         Naturland Standard for Organic Smolt & Salmon Production (Organic farms),
    ·         The British Retail Consortium Global Standard for Food Safety
    ·         Global Gap Integrated Farm Assurance Standard - Aquaculture base
    We are committed to working with our customers to ensure delivery of high quality salmon products and services in addition to working with our critical suppliers in order to achieve our product and service quality goals.
    Marine Harvest Ireland applies the principal of sustainability as a driver towards continuous improvement.   Key Performance Indicators are established and regularly reviewed in addition to, systems audits, customer feedback and staff contributions and improvement suggestions. Staff and team performance is maximised through transparent communication, training and development programmes.
    We have also achieved many awards and certifications since the company was established over 30 years ago.
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